Client Login - FAQ's


The ability to administer on-line access to your account has been provided to specific users within your particular organization. Typically users with these “Administrative Privileges” are the person(s) in the position of Chief Administrator or Financial Officer. This role has been transfered to your organization thereby reducing the need for verification procedures and ensuring security over access to the site. These users have the ability to add new users as well as reset user passwords and user ID's.

If you are unable to determine the “Administrative Users” in your organization please email

If no Administrative Users remain with the organization, please email and we will undergo verification procedures to reset the account. 

Suggestion: Organizations may wish to set up more than one “Administrative User” to cover occurrences where one Administrative User is either unavailable or is no longer employed. 



Enter your user ID on the login screen and select “Reset My Password” at the bottom of the page.

  • You will be required to verify your email address and if that matches the email address on your account profile, you will then receive a new password shortly via email
  • If your email verification fails – please email to have your email address verified/changed



If you have forgotten your User ID and your administrator is unable to resolve the issue please contact us at



  • Under “User Administration” section at the bottom of home page select “Add New User”
    • Enter USER NAME (unique identifier - case sensitive)
    • Enter REAL NAME (the user’s name)
    • Enter TITLE (position held by the user)
    • Enter EMAIL (User’s email address – necessary for password resets)
    • Select TYPE (Ordinary or Administrator)
    • Status (leave default as Enable - possible to disable user as required)
    • Password (unique to that user – case sensitive)
    • Repeat Password (verifies accuracy of password)

Suggestion: Organizations may wish to set up their external auditors as Ordinary Users to assist with the audit and expedite audit confirmations. Where auditors require verification that the website originates from the MFA and is accurate, they can contact us at and request an attestation letter. 


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