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The MFA participates in an interactive session with the students of Capilano University’s PADM 202 – Municipal Finance in BC. An overview of the role of the MFA in local government finance is discussed as well as the applicable legislative authority to borrow and invest municipal funds. The presenter shows how timely financial information that is supplied by local governments is used in part to secure the MFA's AAA Credit Rating and how in turn that credit rating translates into significant savings in interest costs to local governments who borrow money.

Capilano University has also been a major recipient of funding from the Len Traboulay Education Fund (LTEF). Some of the more recent projects that have been sponsored by the LTEF have been;

CAO Essentials

PADM 203 - Municipal Law (text re-write)

PADM 209 - Fundamentals of Local Government Corporate Administration

PADM 201 - Local Government Services in British Columbia (text re-write)

On June 2, 2015 The MFA was the receipient of the Capilano University's President's Service Award for its substantial financial contribution in support of its Public Administration program which began in 1994. The MFA's assistance was critical to the development of the initial Certificate program as well as the development of new programs and courses over the past 20 years.

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