Pooled High Interest Savings Account

The Municipal Finance Authority of BC now offers access to a Pooled High Interest Savings Account (PHISA) program as an additional investment option for your portfolio.

We have negotiated a superior rate for deposits in an MFA-sponsored high interest savings account.

NOTICE: Please login to the Client Portal to view current rates.

MFA Pooled High Interest Savings Account 


  • Earn competitive interest income based on the Prime Rate
  • Obtain easy access to your money – within one or two business days at no charge
  • Access your account online to transact or view balances and historical account activity
  • Execute secure transactions
  • Maintain full liquidity in safe and highly-rated Canadian chartered bank
  • Diversify your investment portfolio out of BC-centric deposits
  • MFA and most local governments in BC consider deposits in most financial institutions to be Fossil Fuel Free (“FFF”) investments as they are typically not directly involved in extracting, processing or transporting coal, oil or natural gas.  Please note that financial institutions may be involved in financing fossil fuel-related companies or projects.

If you have additional questions or would like to APPLY for an account, please email us!


National Bank PHISA

Scotiabank PHISA

Please be advised that forms for Pooled High Interest Savings accounts are available in the Client Portal exclusively.




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